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 10-31 (Lacy and Stephanie)  A Love Letter (Jinnienn)  Blondie (Tina)  Blood Kisses (Andrisima)  Coffee Girl (Marty)  Coveting (Erin)  December Girl (Mandy)  Edge of Seventeen (Jennifer)  Evidence (Scarlet)  Fanderful (Sara)  Glitter Skies (Nathalie)  Insanely Devoted (Harley)  Lindsey's Corner (Lindsey)  Obsessions (Kristin)  One Kiss (Tiffany)  Paradox (Andrinia)  Road to Nowhere (Melanie)  Room 237 (Jordan and Tamara)  Room 402 (Rain)  Sinister Beauty (Melissa)  Totally Girl (Jill)